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We are proud to be one of the few, if not the only, construction company that offers transparent pricing.  We believe that by being honest and up front about our pricing, our customers will feel comfortable knowing they aren't being taken advantage of. It's pretty simple and it's the way it should be, just as if you were buying anything else.  Any questions, please call the office and we will talk you through it all.  

Pricing for Service calls, half days and full days are for labor only.  Materials are billed separately at 10% above cost to account for Credit Card Fees, Taxes, and off the clock pickup time.  


Service Call

Service Calls are billed at $149 for the first hour, and $149 an hour after that billed in 15 minute increments.  Service calls are great for 1 or 2 small tasks that are two hours or less.  Any questions?  Call the office and they will walk you through it.  

Premium Handyman Half Day

Book our experienced handymen with 20 plus years experience to get your checklist taken care of for $549, and $149 an hour after that.  

Painting Half Day

Hire our in house full time painter for up to four hours for $499, and $149 an hour after that.  Our Painting Half days only include the following tasks: Door / Trim Painting, Small Ceiling or Wall Painting, Drywall repair / patch, Minor exterior paint, Drywall Sanding, Vent Painting.

Full Day

Full Days are up to eight hours worth of time with our Premium Handymen for $1050 and $149 an hour after that.  Call the office to schedule a full day as details will need to be discussed.

Handyman & Helper

Sometimes, a helper is needed to be an extra set of hands, or to help speed your job up. If that is the case, the price is $199 an hour. 


For all those odd problem solving or interesting little projects that you can't get a contractor to come do, pricing is below. After we look at your job, we will let you know a rough estimate of the material cost and the timeline of what your job would fall into.  Certain jobs that are relatively straight forward (flooring, demo, insulation etc) will be "traditionally estimated".  Call the office and we will set up a time to come look at your job and help you through the process.

Full Day with Two Guys

If you have a job or a project that isn't a straight forward checklist, it will likely require two skilled guys.  Day rate for 2 guys is $1,975 a day plus material.

3 Days With 2 Guys

Rate for two skilled guys for 3 days is $4,995 plus material.

"The Week"

For those longer jobs that really require thinking and potential building, book the week.  You get two of our guys to take care of your project and/or checklists.  Full Week Rate is $8,950 for five full days plus material.  

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