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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

  • Do you do estimates / How does your pricing work?
    Our pricing for our labor for all service work is very straight forward. For service calls, the first hour will always be charged at $149. Every subsequent hour is $149, charged every fifteen minutes. It is in our best interest to finish your tasks/jobs/project quickly and efficiently. We want to keep to our scheduled times, and allow our next available appointments to be served in a timely manner. For Half Days - Our Premium Handymen are billed at $549 for up to four hours of work. Any additional time will be charged at $149 per hour, charged by fifteen minutes. A full day is $1,050 for up to eight hours of work. After that, by the hour at $149 an hour. Our labor charge covers our licensing and insurance, a well stocked mobile shop, our office staff and most importantly, our quality tradesmen who work on your home. Materials are simple. We don't charge you for small amount of everyday hardware. Things like plumbing fittings, electrical devices, or any other higher priced materials will be charged at fair market value. Any other building materials specifically bought for your job will be reflected on your invoice. For paint jobs and small projects, an estimate is required. Please call the office to set up a time for us to come take a look at your project.
  • Who provides the materials?
    When it comes to service work, for you to save money, we highly recommend having anything needed for the job on site for when we arrive. Realistically you might have problems getting big items to your house, or you might not know exactly what you need. We got you covered. You can arrange with the office staff to make any material runs and that will just start your time clock with the trip to the store. If you are trying to save money, we recommend having all materials available to us when we arrive. We pride ourselves on having all necessary and predictable hardware and reasonable miscellaneous materials. If we run into an unforeseen situation and a trip to the hardware store is required, the clock keeps running while we run to the hardware store.
  • Why do you charge by the hour?
    We understand peoples hesitancy to pay for a service by the hour. Our father was a contractor, Matt and Josh have both been contractors, and so much time and energy goes into estimates. Because of this, prices of jobs need to reflect all that time and energy. Charging you by the hour, eliminates the needs for estimates, and gets a competent, former contractor to efficiently assess and solve your problems. Everything is built towards efficiency. We've built the website to increase our efficiency. We've built our vans to be a mobile workshop. We have factored in a business manager to help bridge the communication between client and contractor. We respond to your requests, we show up in a timely manner and your job results will reflect our combined 38 years of experience.
  • Are there hidden fees? *
    Well they aren't really hidden. What you are paying for is time and materials. It is $149 for our handymen to come out for a service call. If there is a helper needed for your job, it is $199 an hour for two guys. If you have a small project or paint job, we will need to estimate the project. If we need to buy materials for your job, that cost will be on your invoice. If there is a need to remove garbage and take it to the dump, you will be billed that cost. Also, unfortunately, we have to charge sales tax. I know, we hate paying Uncle Sam too.
  • Do you do complete remodels?
    We don't do large builds and renovations any longer. Our goal is to always be available to our customers and be the contractor that answers the phone and gets to the small stuff quickly and efficiently. We will however provide consultation and project planning to help you arrive at a realistic budget, and make sure you get the most for your money when planning larger renovations.
  • What type of work do you NOT do?
    While we would like to say we do everything, unfortunately right now our business is to service the community with small jobs that general contractors tend to ignore. Jobs that take longer than a week, we will typically recommend a local contractor to you.
  • Do I have to clean up after the job?
    While every home improvement and repair comes with some level of debris, we take pride in using drop cloths, moving blankets and making sure we protect your belongings. Every job is finished with a proper cleaning and we strive to leave your home cleaner than when we got there. For extra comedy, watch Matt with a vacuum, it is really a sight to be seen.
  • What areas do you service
    For service calls, we service a 12 mile radius from Wall. For half day, full day and small projects we service most of Monmouth and Ocean County, but we will make exceptions to go outside of our area every now and then. Call the office to confirm. For paint jobs, we can travel within a 25 mile radius of Spring Lake. We are working towards finding the RIGHT people to grow our business, but finding quality handymen that meet our standards is our first priority. Keep checking for our new service areas!
  • How do I know what service to book?
    If you have one or two small tasks, book us for a regular service call. (1-2 hours) If you have a small list, book a half day. It is our most popular service. (4 hours) If you have a long honey-do list, book the whole day (8 hours). If you have a paint job or a small project, call the office and we will set you up for an estimate. If you are not sure, just book an estimate and we will figure it out with you when we follow up.
  • What kind of jobs can be completed in a service call.
    Service calls are for minor installations and repairs. Here are some examples: Installations / Repairs: Ceiling fan, light fixtures, LED lightbulbs, outlets, dimmers, TV Mounting, faucets, garbage disposals, appliances, toilets, towel bars, shelves, cabinets, smoke detectors, vent fans, storm door, handrails and grab bars, doorbell cams, curtains blinds and window treatments, furniture assembly, picture and mirror hanging, leaky pipes, deck repair and so much more. As soon as you notice something that needs to be fixed or replaced, book a service call, and get it done fast.

Billing & Pricing

Payments Accepted

We accept cash, check, credit card, or apple pay.  

Cancellation Policy

To avoid late cancelation fees, please cancel appointments 48 hours in advance. 

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