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Who doesn't love Dog Pics?

Send us your pics

If you are a customer and would like to show off your four legged friend, Email us a pic, their info, and the pup's instagram!  

The Handy Dog

The Handy Dog

Matt, Josh and Tom's made up digital cartoon dog.  He's cute, he's capable and he can pretty much do anything you need him to.

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Handyman Near Me Spring LakeBunker


Matt and his wife Christie's real life duck tolling retriever.  Bunk preforms many tricks, but he somehow still gets way too excited every time he meets new people.

  • Instagram Point Pleasant Darby


Darby is a rescue and lives with our customers, Marc and Katie in Point Pleasant.   Just look at that face.

Handyman Near Me Eli Manasquan


Eli is an 11 year old dog that lives in Manasquan with Katie.  Despite only having four teeth, Eli still enjoys eating chicken wings and watching the Giants.

The Handy Dog Bailey Freehold


Bailey is a tiny dog that just moved from Virgina back to Freehold, NJ with loyal customers, Mike and Amanda.  Bailey is much happier being back closer to his friends and family. 

Handyman Near Me Handyman Near me

Marlow and Scarlet

Marlow and Scarlet live in East Brunswick with Nancy.  They both enjoy sipping cocktails by the pool, and eating Nancy's delicious food.  

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