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**Pricing for Service calls, half days and full days are for labor only.  Materials are billed separately at 10% above cost to account for Credit Card Fees, Taxes, and off the clock pickup time.  

Service Call

Service Calls are billed at $149 for the first hour, and $149 an hour after that billed in 15 minute increments.  Service calls are great for 1 or 2 small tasks that are two hours or less.  Any questions?  Call the office and they will walk you through it.  

Premium Handyman Half Day

Book our experienced handymen with 20 plus years experience to get your checklist taken care of for $549, and $149 an hour after that.  

Handyman & Helper

Sometimes, a helper is needed to be an extra set of hands, or to help speed your job up. If that is the case, the price is $199 an hour. 

Full Day

Full Days are up to eight hours worth of time with our Premium Handymen for $1050 and $149 an hour after that.  Call the office to schedule a full day as details will need to be discussed.

This type of work is classified as "Service" and can be booked online

Indoor/Outdoor Light fixtures

Hanging mirrors, art, pictures, television etc.

Hanging/installing blinds and curtains

Toilet repair: fill valves, flappers, toilet seat install, Grab bars, towel holders, fixtures and hooks

Garage organization install.  Hooks, bike racks, prebuilt shelving

Caulking of tubs, backsplashes, showers, vanities, doors and trim etc.

Shelving installation

Outlet, GFI, light switch, and ceiling fan swaps.  Cannot run new wiring*

Storm Doors install

Doors fixes and adjustments

Light bulbs / Smoke detectors / Fire Extinguisher

Furniture assembly

Cabinet door adjustments and knob install

Interior or Exterior Door knob replacement

Kitchen or Bath Faucet replacement

Drywall patch and paint touch ups

Power Washing / Cleaning / 1st story gutter cleaning

Bifold door adjustments / replacements

Furnace / Airconditioning filters

Closet brackets and shelves

Weeding / Yard Cleanups / Gardening / Mulching

Moving / Grunt work

Ring doorbell / camera install

Dryer Vent Cleaning

CO checklists

String/Christmas Light hanging

Home winterizations

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